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Tanvir Mahin

Web Developer

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology

Thank you for visiting my website. This website has been made just with the HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.

I am Noor Ajmir Tanvir Mahin. I am a student of Computer Science and Engineering in Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology. Web development has been the area of my interest since my childhood. I always wondered how the world wide web works! I started learning Web Designing in age of 13. Though it was only for fun. I loved designing any website but i was not so much good at it. Then I met some people who were professional web developers. They encouraged me to continue the flow of my web development. At that time I really found out that I have a passion on web development. Then I learned CSS. At that time I also tried to learn PHP but The Object Oriented concepts were too hard for me at that time to understand. After few years again I started the web development and I learned Laravel (PHP framework) after clearing all basic PHP. Now I am enough experience to make some complex web app of my own.

I have done video editing for the top production houses of Bangladesh from the Jumbak team. Jumbak is a team for video editing, cinematography, photography, sound mixing and mastering. I am one of the six founders of Jumbak team. Many of our work have Millions of views.

I learned Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for making website and have a good ranking in the Google search result. This lead me to the knowledge fo the page speed and other optimisation tactics. That helped me building more fast and light weight websites.