Science Fair

First prize for the project "Smart Home"

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In the Police Lines School and College, Rangpur Science Fair the project by my team was awarded the first prize. This Project was one of the most exciting project of my life. Th main target of this project was to use the same idea in developing a smart home. The main concept of building this projects was LDR (Light Depended Resistor) electronics device. The resistance of this component depends on the presence of light. So it can be used for controlling many thing with the help of a simple transistor.
  1. Automatic Fire Detector
  2. Line Following Robot with two LDR
  3. Water Tank fill alarm
  4. Automated windows for Rainfall
  5. Simple Security system
  6. Water purification checker
  7. Automated Lamp Posts

Young Scientelligent

6th Place science quiz competition

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This was the first award a had in my life and most probably this one is close to my heart. This was a science quiz competition and almost 500+ students participated in the competition.